"Adirondack based songwriter and gutter poet Cory Dupuis writes songs that weave the winding roads of addiction, recovery, and stream of conscious musings into emotive and reflective Americana narratives. Dupuis is as honest as they come, not afraid to share the shortcomings and tribulations of a hard lived life. While there is a certain harshness in the biographical honesty of Dupuis’ performance, his no frills, big picture, full circle way of stitching together the past, present, and future chaos that permeates our culture and our lives is reassuring. No man is an island, and Cory Dupuis’ musical journey is also his proverbial raft. His most recent musical endeavor, “Pills, Powders, Potions: The Idiot's Ode,” was independently recorded and mixed by Dupuis, while the mastering was handled by Dan Emery of Black Matter Mastering in Nashville, TN "


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Pills,Powders And Potion : The Idiot's Ode 2022

The Holy Cross Sessions 2022

Cory Dupuis (demo) 2020
Enjoy your new world (spoken word poetry) 2020
Between the devil and the blue (demo) 2021

"The independently recorded, “Pills, Powders, Potions: The Idiot’s Ode” is the latest musical project of Adirondack based songwriter Cory Dupuis. The album is as raw and stripped down as they come and showcases Dupuis’ poetic lyricism, and steel string picking. Dupuis has said that this album was as much a part of his healing process and road to recovery as it was a product of it. From the depths of addiction and turmoil, to reflecting on the societal chaos around us, Dupuis shares his recovery and strength through his illuminating use of words and melodies. Fans of Jim Morrison, Tom Waits, and Blaze Foley will find similarities in Dupuis work, but “Pills, Powder, Potions: The Idiot’s Ode” transcends influence and is at its heart a portrait of a man, doing the best he can. "